Episode 10 – The Christmas Waltz

We needed a reprise of Revolver tonight; “Taxman” for Lane and “Eleanor Rigby” for Kinsey.  The Lane thing seems a stretch. Is he so tapped out that he can’t borrow eight grand?  All he needed to do was run an errand for Roger for his pocket money.  As for Kinsey, we finally learn that he is good at something – recruiting lost souls for cults.

Megan wants so much to be like her father, the anti-capitalist aesthete, and is deathly afraid of  becoming a neglected bourgeois bitch like her mother. She is kind and wise beyond her years; she needs to have more faith in Don, and to understand that, even though she is Daddy’s little girl, Daddy had a lot to do with making Mommy the way she is.

So, what was the Christmas Waltz, and who did the dancing?  We saw that the answer to our needs is not the consumer culture or the anti-materialist cult, both of which depend on brainwashing to survive and thrive. The Christmas message is that our salvation lies in supporting each other, person to person.  Harry went beyond his lecherous self to help the down-and-out KInsey, who gave him a great big bear hug. Don and Joan danced as sweetly as a couple can without touching, which is, to say, as sweetly as humanly possible.






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