Episode 11 The Other Woman

All of the LSD aura has left Roger Sterling, as he equals Pete in engaging in the second lowest form of pimping, that of pimping a wife or lover, as we must recall Pete’s disappointment with his wife in not getting him published in a proper magazine when she could have.  Of course, as far as we know, he is still outpacing Roger in the rape and blackmail categories. One wonders how far Pete will go?  Would he have succeeded where Sal Romano failed, and have taken it up the ass for Lucky Strike? Or is he just willing to sell his soul and other people’s asses?  

Don’s fear of acting coming between Megan and him surfaced as she auditioned for a play in Boston. Should she leave NYC if opportunity knocks? I say no, because if she is a good actress she can thrive in NYC, and have the two things she loves most.

After, Don and Joan’s wonderful afternoon of Platonic love last episode, Don is disappointed in her behavior, but I, for one, can not blame her. She gave herself away too cheaply in the past (especially to Sterling), and now used her most marketable assets to get what she needed.  Lane was helpful in this, but, of course, for the wrong reason.

Peggy also disappointed Don, and I think she done him wrong. When Anna died, Don cried to Peggy, that “She [Anna] was the only one who understood him.” And Peggy replied,  “That’s not true.” If Peggy was thinking that she understood him, she was wrong.  If she understood him, she would not have left.  She is too thin-skinned and in need of constant reassurance, and Don, while he can be kind and chivalrous, is still a tough love kind of guy; you can see this in the way he treats his daughter. The closing Kinks tune,You Really Got Me, is Don’s lament.



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7 responses to “Episode 11 The Other Woman

  1. Robert

    Have to disagree on comment about Megan. A play rarely starts in NY, especially if it’s eventual destination is Broadway. Boston is a traditional location where plays shake out; if she will not travel then she should forget about acting

  2. Robert

    This may be the beginning of a break that Dom makes with the firm. Is Draper and Olsen in the future after she realizes what a creative environment Don creates

  3. Kim

    I’m proud of Peggy. Given that it’s the late ‘60s, there is certainly a firm that would be more accepting of a female copywriter. Look at the direction SCDP is heading in – they let their office manager sleep with someone to get an account that they feel they can’t even let a female copywriter work on.

    • Peggy is a good copywriter and diligent worker, but there is no reason to assume that she will be treated any differently in her new agency. The fellow who hired her also has the pleasure of sticking it to Don. As for the pimping at SCDP, the circumstances are somewhat unusual. Ordinarily, Lane would have opposed it, but he is desperately trying to cover up his embezzlement. Roger is angry with Joan for spurning all of his advances, Bert is a realist and libertarian, so if it is alright with Joan, it is alright with him. Pete, of course, is just a well-garbed guttersnipe, who presented it in a way to show Joan was amenable for the right price.

  4. Kathy

    Great analysis.

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