Episode12 – Commissions and Fees

Why does everything turn to crap?

Glen, the Young Buddha, has this epiphanic question, as Prince Siddhartha once did.

Don, the Old Man, is indulgent to children and women, but not other men.  Lane has broken the rules and must be cut loose.  The tragedy is vivid to him; this could have been easily averted.  He is roused from his caution, he seeks big game;  Roger sees the blood on his face; he has gone Primal.  This is the Don we love; passionate, driven, yet, the wise and compassionate Father.

Don knows Glen is right, so he does the best he can; he lets him drive his Jaguar. Yes, Glen, everything does turn to crap, so savor these moments of exhilaration. You never know when it will end. Lane had so little time to savor his success.

Where had the Primal Don gone?  He was a Huntsman who captured his Unicorn.  She completed him, brought him Bliss.  He was content, but grew timid and afraid of losing her; but to be content is to to be not-Don.  He has been suppressing the Primal Don, but Lane’s tragic blunder could have been avoided if they had gone after big game and not “piddling” stuff.

Don must carry his weight in the Mad Men world.  With great talent, come great responsibilities. He is Achilles, laying the body of his fallen comrade to rest, recognizing that his complacency and inflexible code has led to disaster.

Elegy for Lane

The grind of life, the failure of fortune and honor, has incited this final surrender, this unwillingness to endure any further the banalities and brutalities of Being,  Annihilation awaits, take the short route, leave the floggers no hide to make merry upon.


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