Episode 5 – The Flood

God made a big mistake with the Flood.  It was a good idea, but it wasn’t carried out properly.  He really should have gotten rid of Noah and his brood as well.  He would have spared us all a lot of pain and suffering, fear and trembling.  He knew the whole thing would degenerate again.  After all, He is omnipotent; He foresaw the popularity of internet porn.

His public relations people would have us believe that He spared Noah because He was being a nice guy, giving us a second chance.  Of course, this was just hype.  It really came down to vanity, and for two reasons.  First, He didn’t want to admit a mistake.  People never want to, so do we really think gods will?  Did Zeus ever admit to a stray thunderbolt, or Thor to an errant hammer throw?  Never.

Second, and more importantly, without us, there would be no one to worship Him.  This is the big one, embedded in the First Commandment.  Can you be a God if there is no one to worship you?  I think we all know where He stands on the whole if a tree falls in the forest question.

So, I am disappointed in Him. He should have chucked the whole thing when He knew it wasn’t going to work out.  He should have been a mensch about it.

Turning to the actual episode, we’ve gone from 1967’s Eden, The Summer of Love, a time of innocence, to the decadent reality of 1968’s Babylon. But this new flood is different.  The righteous man  is struck down, and the sinners survive.  But, a hard rain is a-gonna fall.  The post-assassination riots are  just the beginning of a very violent year.  (Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven and Chicago and Paris, Prague and Saigon and on and on.)

Is Don’s drunkenness related to the post-Flood drunkenness of Noah?  Will Don have a problem with Bobby just as Noah did with Ham?  Could they both not cope with their individual realities?  I don’t think I could if I lived over 600 years.

In other news, Peggy’s apartment search provided an opportunity to joke about the still-incredibly-far-from-complete Second Avenue subway.  Then, there is the melodrama of Henry  finally deciding to be his own man. But a state senator! Is that it?!  Ginsberg is a virgin; there’s a surprise.  And why aren’t he and Stan in Viet Nam? I bet Hollis went.


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