Episode 6 – For Immediate Release

Don seems to be encouraging Arnie to move to Houston. I guess this is the only way he can split with Sylvia; he is much too weak to do it on his own.

I have recently pointed out that what Joan had to do to get her partnership has been lingering in the back of her mind.  When looked at rationally, it was a smart decision, but her disgust with it finally comes out when she uncharacteristically explodes at Don for being unable to lower himself  for the good of the firm.

Peggy is coming to realize that Abe is too bohemian for her.

I love Marie; she is wise and wicked.  She does not suffer fools or being neglected.  She must have been quite a femme fatale in her prime.  I would love to see Marie and Sylvia go 15 rounds.  Marie would win, of course, but she would be badly scarred.

The merger is very exciting; how is Peggy going to adjust to the SCDP folks and vice versa?  I think Joan will feel the happiest to have her back; she needs a female friend.  Don will be glad to have her back under him; she will no longer be a threat.

Get ready for a summer of violence.


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