Season 7 Episode 2 – A Day’s Work

Well, it didn’t take long for Pete to lose his cool, did it?

Peggy is a mess, and Ted looks like his dog just died.  The only paradise is a lost paradise.

When is Don going to realize that Sally just wants him to be honest with her? For that matter, when is Don going to realize anything? Even when things are not going well for him, he has so many options.  Women will fall in his lap, and he will be offered good jobs.

Lou resents the hint of Don’s presence, leading to Dawn’s displacement and, then, a promotion. Kudos for JIm, who gave Joan a promotion without her having to fight for it. When did anyone there ever do anything so thoughtful for her?  And Joan was quite bold promoting Dawn; she knew that no one would approve it and that no one will undo, so she just did it.   Joan is really on a roll this season.

Stan is so detached; I would like to see the next episode from Stan’s point of view.








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