Season 7 Episode 5 – The Runaways

Lou’s hands are dirty.  Literally After hearing Stan’s “smug” remarks from his perch in the bathroom stall, Lou did not use soap to wash his hands when he left the men’s room. It is now clear that he and Jim are actively conspiring to drive Don out of SC&P.  But, what about Bert?  Does he really want those two to drive Don out and consolidate power, or is he sitting back, waiting to see how things play out? He’s a crafty old goat; I’m sure he trusts Don more than Jim and Lou, but Don is too unpredictable, and he definitely doesn’t like that.  In the end, he will back Don if he can emerge from the quicksand he jumped into it, but don’t expect Bert to extend a helping hand.

Betty’s parenting skills haven’t improved a bit, and neither has her ability to see beyond herself.  (Roger should put some LSD in her Kool-Aid.)  How can a one not understand that, in the politically volatile late 1960’s, a politician’s wife cannot publicly disagree with her husband, especially on sensitive issues like the Viet Nam War?  Betty, being able to speak Italian is not a sign of intelligence; morons all over Italy can do it.  Of course, some might think that Henry is being sexist, but I think he has just run out of patience with Betty.

Is Megan becoming a French Canadian Yoko Ono?  Will she now be choosing all of Don’s other lovers? Is she now unhappy with Anna’s ring? Of course she is, because she now knows that Don will never love a woman as much as he loved Anna.  This is why she paid off Stephanie, and why her pimping will be of no avail.

Harry arrives in time to assist in Don’s master parry and thrust.  Don could use Roger’s help, but 1969 may be proving too much for Mr. Sterling.

Where is Michael’s psychotic behavior coming from?  I don’t see this as in-character. He may be flaky, but it’s a grounded sort of flaky.

I am so glad Bob Benson is AWOL.  I guess he served his purpose which, I believe, was to keep Roger away from Joan and kill off Pete’s mother.  No one in the cast seemed to know why he was hanging about, and neither did I.      





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