Season 7 Episode 6 – The Strategy

Jim chastises Roger as he, Roger, is leaving.

“Stop thinking about Don, and start thinking about the company!”

This is amusing because everyone, especially Jim, is thinking about Don.  (Well, maybe not Stan.)  Some folks are strategizing about how to get rid of him, and some are strategizing about how to keep him, and just about everyone has a strategy for getting what they want.  (Well, maybe not Stan.)

Lou, Mad Men’s malevolent Ozzie Nelson, is discovering that Don has friends he had not suspected.  Pete arranges for Don to be a pitchman, which could be a giant step for him.

Peggy’s rage melts away in Don’s aura.  She is transformed into an acolyte once more, as her self-doubt overwhelms her.  She is good, good enough to know when something is missing; but her apprenticeship is still not over.   She finds shelter in Don’s arms; he is pater once more.  Lou has lost her.

When Jim said to Harry, ” You are the most dishonest person I’ve ever met,” I thought he was unhappy with him.  But his support of him for a partnership showed me that I was mistaken.  But, little does Jim know that it was Harry who tipped off Don about Philip Morris. Jim has inadvertently helped the pro-Don cause.

With Pete and Harry rallying ’round Don, and Peggy acknowledging her need for Don, and with Bob Benson off to Detroit (Finally!), Lou and Jim will find themselves outnumbered and outmaneuvered.  If Don can deliver once again, Bert will welcome back the Prodigal Son.







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