Season 7 Episode 7 – Waterloo

I have longed to see the Calvets again, but I guess it will never happen. I loved their perversity; Americans could never be so charmingly sadistic; only the French and Italians can. Until Bert’s sudden death, I think only a visit from Marie Calvet could have jarred Roger out of his stupor.

Speaking of the French, I didn’t get the Napoleon / Waterloo allusions?  Bert says, referring to Don,  that no one is to come back from leave /exile.  Napoleon tried, and, after his defeat at Waterloo, he was exiled again, but much further away.  So, since Don has successfully returned from exile, does that make him greater than Napoleon? Or, to use Bert’s characterization of Don, is Don just a bigger “pain in the ass” than Napoleon was?  I would answer definitely no to both counts, not even close.   So, what’s the point here?

But, what of Don and Megan?  What went wrong?  Was it the generation gap?  Was the menage a trois not to his liking?  When all is said and done, were Megan’s teeth just too big? I just didn’t get it.

All in all, though, it was a very satisfying episode, wasn’t it?  Most everyone at SC &P are happy, except for Lou and Harry.   Lou, the hired gun, better pack up his tobacco resume and go in search of the Marlboro Man.  And Harry, just when he seemed to be maturing, got greedy again, and lost the partnership.  Oh, Harry, Harry, don’t you know the best things in life are free.

I hear that people are saying that Don finally performed a magnanimous act by letting Peggy do the presentation.  I heartily disagree with this.  Didn’t he rescue Peggy from the hospital?  Didn’t he pick up Joan when she was down?  Don is a weak man, but he is a straight shooter.  He never takes any pleasure from putting down people or the misfortunes of others.  And, in this case, I don’t think it was so magnanimous really. Remember, he introduced Peggy at the meeting, showing that he was in charge.  Furthermore, look at how naive he is; he really thought those people were going to give him a fair chance.

I guess Joan, unlike Pete and Harry, never believed in Don’s genius.  It’s too bad.  In the end, she was rewarded despite herself.

Jim had a vision of the future of advertising.  But money has a way of changing the way people look at things.

I thought Pete was going to lunge at Ted at the partners’ meeting. After the moping and the suicidal plane trip, Pete had had enough.  But, Don helped Ted see the light.  So, Pete and Ted’s not-so-excellent California adventure has come to an end, and we will have to wait a year to see the conclusion of the saga.  I will say that I will be surprised and disappointed with Don if Freddy Rumsen is not brought back.










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