Season 7 Episode 11 – Time and Life

It seems that Don Draper can’t get any respect anymore.  The abuse from the last episode continues unabated.  His secretary, the mousey Meredith, yells at him, the staff at Sterling Cooper wanders off as he speaks,  he’s cut short at his McCann presentation, and his phone service screws up his messages.  Even Lou calls him to gloat over his cartoon deal, though he doesn’t realize that Don doesn’t give him a second thought.

Don goes it alone as people are coupling around him.  Joan and her Prince Charming take it to another level.  Ted pairs off with an old college friend. There may be some hope that Pete and Trudy may get back together, as they realize that there’s nothing better for them “out there.”  My favorite match, of course, is Roger and Marie.  They are made for each other; debauche a deux.  And wither go Peggy and Stan? I don’t see it really, but you never know.  And finally, will Don go in search of sad-eyed Diana?

Meanwhile, back at McCann, the gang is being fitted for golden straightjackets.  Roger and, especially, Don will not be able to breathe the corporate air.  Don is now neutralized and untethered.

“But time had become chilly and remote and less and less familiar, and his own place in it of little consequence.”

from Hollywood by Gore Vidal


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