Season 7 Episode 13 – The Milk and Honey Route

Is Don on his way through the desert into the Land of Milk and Honey?  Is it to be The Draper’s California home, the one home that has brought him happiness. New York is not for him, but he’s hopefully learned that anonymity has an ugly side, as small town America both welcomes and fears strangers.  He is shedding the last vestiges of Don Draper, ad man.

Who would have thought Betty would turn out to be a heroine, facing death with such equanimity?  It’s understandable, because life has not been good to her; she was promised too much, then suffocated in suburbia.

Henry has been suffering the fate of all lovers who are not loved in return. Can he leave Betty behind, or will he compare all women to a Betty who never was?

And what can we say about Pete and Trudy?  I think Roger and Marie will be the happiest couple; life has sculptured them to fit each other.


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