Season 7 Episode 14 – Person to Person

Only in America can spiritual awakening be transformed into a Coca-Cola commercial.  In one of the great Silicon Valley exchanges, Steve Jobs is supposedly to have recruited then Pepsi CEO John Sculley with the challenge,  “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?”  Apparently, Don Draper can do both. He is a modern day Odysseus, a defiant survivor, but, alas, with no Penelope waiting for him at home.

The final episode in also decidedly American, with optimism and happy endings prevailing in most cases.  Even the tragic premature demise of Betty Draper is balanced by Sally Draper’s coming of age as the woman of the house.  She demonstrates a maturity beyond her years, something her parents have never shown. Credit must, however, be given to Betty for facing death so realistically.

Joan Holloway Harris once again demonstrates that money and success are more important than relationships. First, she turned on Don, who always looked out for her, and now she drives away a man who is in love with her for a chance to make it big.  One can understand her need to achieve, for she has been largely under-appreciated (except by Lane) all of her life.  Still,  I can see a “Rosebud” moment in her future.

Harry remains a shithead.

Pete and Trudy get what they want, but it is in Wichita. Will they be able to adapt?

Stan and Peggy get together.  The whole thing seems forced, and besides, Stan treats his girlfriend Elaine like crap. So, I can’t get too excited for Peggy.  Will they have a Catholic wedding?

Finally, I will conclude my Mad Men blog with best wishes to my favorite couple, Roger and Marie. Their final scene was so appropriate; sitting in a cafe, sipping champagne, with Roger ordering in French.  Long may they run.

I bid you adieu.





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